Mike or Kobe? NBA 2K11 Settles the Score

Michael Jordan has not played professional basketball for eight years, and is considered to be the greatest player of all time. How would his airness measure up to current NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James? My favorite video game of 2011 is NBA 2K11 because you can play as Michael Jordan and see how he compares to current professional players, or re-enact his greatest basketball moments. NBA 2K11 is the best basketball simulator that I have ever played, and a must have for any gamer that is a basketball fan. The graphics are amazing, the players, and arenas look authentic. The sound is incredible, it’s like you are watching a game on television. The player movements are detailed and accurate because each player moves like their real life counter-part.
An exciting new feature is ” The Jordan Challenge,” where players can control Michael Jordan in some of his biggest moments. The first puts you in game one of the 1991 NBA Finals against Earvin “Magic” Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. You then have to win the series, while meeting scoring and field goal percentage requirements, to win that particular challenge. There are nine more challenges like this one, and what’s cool is the announcers have special commentary for each game. Each challenge has its own set of objectives the player must complete. After all of the challenges have been completed Michael Jordan can be drafted to any current NBA team.

Another appealing feature is the “My Player,” mode where you can create an NBA superstar. Your player starts as a rookie at NBA pre-draft camp and game play determines where the player is drafted. You earn points to improve your created player by completing challenges given to you pre-game. As your player improves you begin to deal with the media in post-game press conferences and manage your endorsements. The game does a fantastic job of simulating the life of an NBA player. Users can take their created player online to compete with others in pick-up games. The online play is smooth and reliable.

I highly recommend picking up NBA2K11 if you are a fan of NBA basketball. Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer this game has excellent playability. The controls are simple to understand. An individual could jump right in and play, even if they had no experience playing the 2K series. This years version was the best I have seen so far, and I can’t wait for 2012.