Fastest and Easiest Ways to Train Prayer in Runescape F2P

Prayer skill is one of the hardest skill to train in Runescape. You can try to kill Goblins and pick up the bones but that will take you a long time before you can reach a good Prayer level. However, there are three effective ways that will make you able to train your Prayer faster than any other methods. Here are they :

  1. Make Money and Buy Bones. This will be the most effective and the fastest but it’s the hardest since you will need to spend a lot of times making money in RuneScape. You can get money from fishing or something similar but the fastest way to make money so far is by doing 26K trick. You could also tan some cowhides or mine clay to gain fast money. I wouldn’t teach you that here but you can find out the complete information by searching in Google.

Buying small bones is much cheaper and gives more experiences than big bones if you spend the same amount of money. However, it’s much slower than big bones. Don’t ever buy Burnt Bones or Monkey Bones, it’s useless and won’t give you much experience.

  1. Kill Giants. At Combat level below 50, you should train with Level 28 Hill Giant in Edgeville Dungeon. This will be a bit sucked since there are a lot of people killing Hill Giant too all the times. In low level wilderness there are several Hill Giants too but most of the times, there are people training there. The quietest spot is in Lava Maze but Revenants tend to hang out there and will kill you within few hits.

Above Level 50, you should train with Level 42 Moss Giant in Varrock Sewer. Around 2-5 PM (GMT +07.00), almost all worlds are quiet enough to train with them alone. Don’t ever try to train with it at Wilderness unless you have a Death Wish. It’s because the Revenant can kill you within few hits and you cannot escape with teleportation. You can also find them in Crandor Isle but the Bank is very far from there.

Above Level 60, you can train with Level 53 Ice Giant at Asgarnian Ice Caves (where you mine blurite ore). It’s quiet almost all the times. However, their drops are not really good for Level 53 monster and Moss Giant still drops better stuffs.

  1. Collect and Bury Bones in Chaos Temple. This is the only way to train prayer effectively without costing any money or fighting a monster. It’s commonly used by a low level player who doesn’t have much money or for those who want to make a prayer ‘pure’. This is the slowest but still an effective way if you have a combat level above 50.

By following this guide, I’m sure you’ll be able to reach level 50 prayers within few weeks.

I hope this guide useful for you! Thank you for reading!