Making Money Playing a Game – The World of Warcraft Way to Riches

Everyday, millions of people log on the internet and into World of Warcraft. They seem to enjoy the thrill of searching for treasure and items, leveling their characters, or simply beating the snot out of another person’s character and demolishing their moral. Either way, there are a certain breed of players that log in each day for another purpose. To create a “maxed out” account and sell the rights to it. This is commonly known as “account selling” and can get you banned and your ip blocked. Taking it upon myself to test this, I maxed out an account and began “shopping around” for a place that would buy the character from me. After typing in a few reference words suggesting my interest on google, I was bombarded with ads and services saying they bought and sold accounts. This is illegal, but with careful wording, it can turn into a very lucrative legal business.
There are a few things that you will need in order for this system to work for you. You will need, a business brain, in other words, a mind that doesn’t know when to stop and won’t take no for an answer. You will also need a maxed out account, a password for said account, a user idea for the account, and your answers for the secret question. The last thing you will need, is knowledge of certain terms, such as “maxed out account” and “toon”. After you have all the things necessary to start and succeed, you are ready to start your own empire of accounts.

Make no mistake about this. Selling accounts is illegal, and will get you banned completely from the game. However, selling things that are yours, is not illegal. What you need to do first is take your maxed out account and let the paid game time run down to only a few days left. It works best for me if I leave only 3 days on the account, that way I still get the full amount without any fees for my information, but I am not waisting money by giving away information that leads to an account with mass time on it.

After having let your account run down, it will be as if you have abandoned it. Now the fun begins. Start shopping around for the best price for your “maxed out account”, and once you have found the right price, apply for a bid on it. It will usually be automatic, and you can either accept or decline the offer. If you like the offer, accept it and wait about 24 to 48 hours for the money to clear into your paypal account. Now you must never attempt to log into that character again. The minimum I have ever gotten for a toon, or character, is $70. I have tried every combination there is in World of Warcraft, and that is the minimum. Considering it takes me 2 and a half months to max out a character, and 2 and a half months costs roughly $47, you have just made $23 dollars profit. This is on a lousy night elf hunter. If you were to do a priest of a very popular race, then you could get as much as $1200 for less than 6 months worth of work. That is roughly $96 in cost. So if you subtract $96 from $1200, you are left with $1104 in profit. All for playing a video game. Remember though, you must sell the cd and everything that came with the game also. That adds about another $50 onto the tab. This is why I started with a night elf priest and got $700 for him.

Remember that selling accounts is illegal and will wind you up in hot water. What I do isn’t account selling, it is information selling. There is a very thin line between the two, so it is perfectly legal. Blizzard liscenced the game and account to you, therefore they own that stuff. They however, are not legally allowed to copyright, liscense or own intellectual property. WINK WINK.

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