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Published May 11, 2018

If you’ve been thinking of building a PC or upgrading your current build, you might have noticed that GPU prices have recently gone frankly insane. If you’re wondering why prices have skyrocketed over the last few months, then I’m here to quickly explain what has been happening and what it means to you. 

Why Are Prices So High? 

I’m going to be blunt, the rise in crypto mining and cryptocurrencies have largely contributed towards a shortage in GPUs out there, as miners are buying up all the cards they can to put them to work. However, crypto mining isn’t the only factor to blame. An increase in Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and sales, has severely eaten into GPU stockpiles and manufacturing is struggling to keep up. This is worsened a little by production shifting to the incoming new GPUs from Nvidia and Radeon. In response to this shortage, prices have skyrocketed as crypto miners buy up cards for mining and gaming enthusiasts panic buy cards before the prices increase further. This has all contributed to a volatile market which can see you paying over a 100% more for a card than you would have at this time last year. 

What Can I Do About it? 

So, with prices so high what exactly can you do about it. The simplest solution, unfortunately, is to wait it out. As the cryptocurrency market is seeing a downturn in value and returns, we will see less and less people buying cards for mining. The entry of new GPUs to the market might also cause a shift in purchasing so that you could possibly pick up a brand-new card for less than an outdated one. If you have the money, you could also just buy a GPU anyway, but you might regret this if prices drop soon.  

If you’re building a new PC from scratch, then you could also consider picking up a pre-built one. While these are normally considered to be overpriced, you may actually save overall when you take into consideration that their prices have not fluctuated along with GPU prices. However, pre-built PCs are still a large investment, so if you’re just planning an upgrade this might be a little overkill. 

A good balance between the two would be to use a PC building service. These services will buy the parts for your PC and build it for you, to the build specification that you choose from their website. This allows the same customisation you can get from building a computer yourself but will help to protect you from the cost of purchasing a GPU at the moment. Some of these services will also offer their own recommended builds so you can avoid having to do lots of research on parts. You can save even more by searching around for deals online. For example, you’ll find discounts and savings on pre-built PCs and parts online.

GPUs look to continue their trend of inflated prices for quite some time, but with a little patience and shopping around, you might still be able to pick up a powerful card at a reduced price.  

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