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Published April 26, 2018

2018 is all set to be a big year for gaming with a healthy mix of new IPs and sequels incoming for all the major platforms. With so many great games on their way, you might need a little help to keep track, so I’m here to give you my picks for the top 8 most anticipated games of 2018. 

The Last of Us Part 2 

This follow-up to the much-loved post-apocalyptic fungus zombie game, The Last of Us, from developers Naughty Dog, is set to continue in their tradition of highly cinematic narrative games. Picking up 5 years after the ending of the first game, The Last of Us Part 2 follows the continuing exploits of Ellie in the ruins of America and you can look forward to the same intense gameplay as the original. 


Bioware have been having a bit of a rocky time as of late, with the poor reception to last year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda casting a cloud over the studio. That might all be about to change with the upcoming new IP, Anthem. Anthem looks to be another entry in that recent spate of loot oriented, “totally not an MMO” online shooters, and has even been marketed as a potential rival to Bungie’s Destiny. Anthem is a bit of a departure from their usual single player story driven games, but time will tell if it is going to be the start of a new renaissance for Bioware. 

Crackdown 3 

The original Crackdown saw massive success on the Xbox 360 and was one of the driving forces behind the popularisation of the Achievement reward model which has now spread to Trophies on the PlayStation and similar systems on PC’s digital markets, such as Origin and Steam. After a lacklustre second entry, Crackdown has been off the scene for eight years now, so it’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy its city-wide mayhem. Crackdown 3 also has some new additions to the series including a fully destructible city as part of its online mode. 

God of War 

The newest entry in the God of War series, God of War is a revamp and sequel all rolled up into one. The angry Spartan Kratos is now in Norway with his son, after his romp up Mount Olympus in God of War III. The gameplay in this title sees a move away from the fixed camera and exaggerated movements of the previous titles and incorporates new RPG elements, alongside a stronger focus on narrative.

Kingdom Hearts 3 

After years of not-so-patient waiting by fans, Kingdom Hearts 3 sees us return to Square Enix’s JRPG/Disney mashup and is set to end the current storylines from across the series. If you’re already a Kingdom Hearts fan, or you like either JRPGs and reams of lore, then Kingdom Hearts 3 cannot be missed. 

Metro Exodus 

Despite worries about the studio’s future after the dissolution of THQ in 2013 (RIP), 4A Games are back with another entry in the deeply atmospheric Metro series. Metro: Exodus sees you picking up in post-apocalyptic Moscow sometime after the events of Metro: Last Light. Expanding the already in-depth gameplay experience with sandbox survival elements, Exodus will see the player finally leave the ruins of Moscow and venture further out into the Russian wasteland. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 

Rockstar have been comfortably riding on the massive success of GTA 5 for some time now, and with their focus on supporting GTA: Online rather than singleplayer DLC, you wouldn’t have been alone if you weren’t expecting another single player title from them quite yet. But with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 this October, you’ll be able to dive back into Rockstar’s trademark interpretation of the Western and with a dedicated online mode to boot, you’ll be seeing a lot more rawhide and revolvers over the next few years. 


To be blunt, we haven’t had a really great Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2 way back in 2005. A move away from the free movement that was perfectly realised in that game has resulted in more than a few lacklustre Spider-Man releases that didn’t quite get the web-slinger right. That all looks set to change though, with the upcoming release of Spider-Man (these naming conventions can get a little confusing). Spider-Man sees a return to fast, slick movement through an open world representation of New York and with the pedigree of developers Free Radical, you can be sure that this will be a blast to play. 

With such a fantastic line-up, 2018 is looking to be a massive year for gaming. 

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