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Published March 29, 2018

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard more than a little about Fortnite and PUBG, with “passionate” opinions from fans of both abound on the internet. If you haven’t taken the dive into the world of battle royale games, then you might be wondering which of these two titans of the genre is the best. Well, no need to fear, I’m here to help with an unbiased look at them both. 


PUBG and Fortnite are visually very different games. PUBG has gone for a more realistic look, amping mil-sim games, whereas Fortnite has a stylised look favouring bright colours, distinctive silhouettes and chunky objects. It’s really down to your own personal taste about which of the two looks that you prefer, although the brighter colours and large shapes of Fortnite can make it easier to be spotted, so there can be less alternatives to a head to head fight than PUBG. 


Both of these games have largely the same battle royale gameplay that you’d expect. Players fight it out in an increasingly smaller arena of play before one of them eventually emerges victorious. However, there are a few gameplay elements that can make for very different play. PUBG allows the player to go prone and attempt to hide amongst the environment, making stealth a viable option for much of the game. While Fortnite does not allow the player to go prone it does feature building mechanics that is a legacy from its original horde survival mode. These building mechanics can play a significant role in the final minutes of a game when players hunker down in rival fortresses. 

In terms of gunplay, PUBG is still very much focused on trying to simulate elements of real-life weapons, with bullet drop, recoil and spread playing a big role in your choice in weapon and the damage you can inflict. While Fortnite is certainly more stylised and strays towards simpler point and shoot mechanics, it also has a weapon ranking system, where different weapons will have an assigned colour value denoting its power. I also can’t fail to mention that Fortnite has seen the rise of “rocket surfing” where players will jump on a fired rocket and ride it across the map. Combined with a lesser focus on realism this can result in exciting emergent gameplay that is not possible within the confines of PUBG. 


PUBG and Fortnite are both available on PC and the Xbox One consoles, while Fortnite is also available on PS4. PUBG is currently available on Android and iOS, with Fortnite hot on its tales. Whatever platform you have it’ll have an impact on which of these games you choose. Perhaps due to its small development team, PUBG has been plagued with performance issues since release, and while they can be frustrating on PC they can make it almost unplayable on a console. If you do not have the souped-up Xbox One X console, then I would recommend sticking with Fortnite for the time being as its performance is much more consistent on the standard release Xbox One. 


This can be one of the biggest deciding areas when choosing which of these two games to pick up. PUBG can be purchased for £26.99 and has cosmetic purchases integrated into the game. However, Fortnite can be picked up for free, with its business model supported entirely by purchases of cosmetics, dances and gestures. If you’re tempted to try your first battle royale game, then Fortnite might be the better choice, since there is nothing lost through giving it a try. 

Hopefully, that has given you a bit of an idea of what the differences are between PUBG and Fortnite but remember that it mostly comes down to personal preference with no clear areas where one is significantly better than the other. I recommend watching some gameplay videos and having a think about the other kinds of games you like before you choose, or even download Fortnite for free and see if you bounce off of it. 

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