Why Roll a Druid in World of Warcraft

For those of you new to the game, Druids are a great class for people who like to enjoy aspects of every class or don’t have the time to roll multiple levels 80 characters. Plus, let’s face it, using Typhoon on unsuspecting players is good clean fun. For leveling, you will most likely want to go Feral for leveling. This is because cat form has quick clean kills, and can “assassinate” higher-level mobs and run away.

At a lower level for trash mobs you can simply target them, cast Wrath, cast Thorns to bind them, cast Wrath twice more, then either cast Moonfire to finish them off, or turn to Bear/Cat Form and melee them down. This is one of the positive aspects of the Druid. They are able to utilize both their mana bar well, and when the mob reaches them they can take down the rest of their health in a melee form.

At level 40 you have the possible option to go Balance since you acquire the Moonkin form. This will be slightly less efficient than leveling as a Feral Druid, but it will help break up the boredom and is only slightly slower. Another bonus of the Druid class is that they are significantly better at farming mining and herbalism, due to their flight forms. So, I would suggest taking one of these two professions.

Anyways, I personally would advise rolling Horde if you want to be a Druid. This is because most abilities of druids are needed by the Horde more than the Alliance. Horde usually has the need of healers more than that of Alliance. Either decision should not be taken lightly and is more of a personal choice than a statistical choice.

Being a Druid, you are slightly gimped hearthstone wise since you only have your trainer in Thunder Bluff, so don’t count on being able to visit Orgrimmar too often. Thunder Bluff reputation comes easy for you, which is nice because you easily get Orgrimmar reputation from daily quests. One downside is that young alliance players often /moo at you, which get be either amusing or frustrating depending on your personality. Besides, who doesn’t want to heal looking like a tree! Most players also agree that the Dire Bear form’s /dance is AMAZING.

Want to gank some noobs at Ironforge? Go Cat form. Want to fly around at 310% speed? Go Flight Form, Want to tank like a beast with awesome fur? Go Dire Bear form. Want to throw people off bridges? Go Moonkin form. Want to be awesome at everything? Roll a druid.

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Making Money Playing a Game – The World of Warcraft Way to Riches

Everyday, millions of people log on the internet and into World of Warcraft. They seem to enjoy the thrill of searching for treasure and items, leveling their characters, or simply beating the snot out of another person’s character and demolishing their moral. Either way, there are a certain breed of players that log in each day for another purpose. To create a “maxed out” account and sell the rights to it. This is commonly known as “account selling” and can get you banned and your ip blocked. Taking it upon myself to test this, I maxed out an account and began “shopping around” for a place that would buy the character from me. After typing in a few reference words suggesting my interest on google, I was bombarded with ads and services saying they bought and sold accounts. This is illegal, but with careful wording, it can turn into a very lucrative legal business.
There are a few things that you will need in order for this system to work for you. You will need, a business brain, in other words, a mind that doesn’t know when to stop and won’t take no for an answer. You will also need a maxed out account, a password for said account, a user idea for the account, and your answers for the secret question. The last thing you will need, is knowledge of certain terms, such as “maxed out account” and “toon”. After you have all the things necessary to start and succeed, you are ready to start your own empire of accounts.

Make no mistake about this. Selling accounts is illegal, and will get you banned completely from the game. However, selling things that are yours, is not illegal. What you need to do first is take your maxed out account and let the paid game time run down to only a few days left. It works best for me if I leave only 3 days on the account, that way I still get the full amount without any fees for my information, but I am not waisting money by giving away information that leads to an account with mass time on it.

After having let your account run down, it will be as if you have abandoned it. Now the fun begins. Start shopping around for the best price for your “maxed out account”, and once you have found the right price, apply for a bid on it. It will usually be automatic, and you can either accept or decline the offer. If you like the offer, accept it and wait about 24 to 48 hours for the money to clear into your paypal account. Now you must never attempt to log into that character again. The minimum I have ever gotten for a toon, or character, is $70. I have tried every combination there is in World of Warcraft, and that is the minimum. Considering it takes me 2 and a half months to max out a character, and 2 and a half months costs roughly $47, you have just made $23 dollars profit. This is on a lousy night elf hunter. If you were to do a priest of a very popular race, then you could get as much as $1200 for less than 6 months worth of work. That is roughly $96 in cost. So if you subtract $96 from $1200, you are left with $1104 in profit. All for playing a video game. Remember though, you must sell the cd and everything that came with the game also. That adds about another $50 onto the tab. This is why I started with a night elf priest and got $700 for him.

Remember that selling accounts is illegal and will wind you up in hot water. What I do isn’t account selling, it is information selling. There is a very thin line between the two, so it is perfectly legal. Blizzard liscenced the game and account to you, therefore they own that stuff. They however, are not legally allowed to copyright, liscense or own intellectual property. WINK WINK.

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Fastest and Easiest Ways to Train Prayer in Runescape F2P

Prayer skill is one of the hardest skill to train in Runescape. You can try to kill Goblins and pick up the bones but that will take you a long time before you can reach a good Prayer level. However, there are three effective ways that will make you able to train your Prayer faster than any other methods. Here are they :

  1. Make Money and Buy Bones. This will be the most effective and the fastest but it’s the hardest since you will need to spend a lot of times making money in RuneScape. You can get money from fishing or something similar but the fastest way to make money so far is by doing 26K trick. You could also tan some cowhides or mine clay to gain fast money. I wouldn’t teach you that here but you can find out the complete information by searching in Google.

Buying small bones is much cheaper and gives more experiences than big bones if you spend the same amount of money. However, it’s much slower than big bones. Don’t ever buy Burnt Bones or Monkey Bones, it’s useless and won’t give you much experience.

  1. Kill Giants. At Combat level below 50, you should train with Level 28 Hill Giant in Edgeville Dungeon. This will be a bit sucked since there are a lot of people killing Hill Giant too all the times. In low level wilderness there are several Hill Giants too but most of the times, there are people training there. The quietest spot is in Lava Maze but Revenants tend to hang out there and will kill you within few hits.

Above Level 50, you should train with Level 42 Moss Giant in Varrock Sewer. Around 2-5 PM (GMT +07.00), almost all worlds are quiet enough to train with them alone. Don’t ever try to train with it at Wilderness unless you have a Death Wish. It’s because the Revenant can kill you within few hits and you cannot escape with teleportation. You can also find them in Crandor Isle but the Bank is very far from there.

Above Level 60, you can train with Level 53 Ice Giant at Asgarnian Ice Caves (where you mine blurite ore). It’s quiet almost all the times. However, their drops are not really good for Level 53 monster and Moss Giant still drops better stuffs.

  1. Collect and Bury Bones in Chaos Temple. This is the only way to train prayer effectively without costing any money or fighting a monster. It’s commonly used by a low level player who doesn’t have much money or for those who want to make a prayer ‘pure’. This is the slowest but still an effective way if you have a combat level above 50.

By following this guide, I’m sure you’ll be able to reach level 50 prayers within few weeks.

I hope this guide useful for you! Thank you for reading!

3D Dot Game Heroes Review: PS3 Exclusive

3D Dot Game Heroes is a quirky RPG/adventure game exclusively on the PS3. It wears its video game influences openly, especially the Legend of Zelda, but doesn’t simply rehash beloved 8bit titles. The land of Dotnia is refreshing and unique. 3D Dot Game Heroes rated E10+ and is available now.
The story is shown through cut scenes in the beginning tells the tale of a 2D world that was once under attack. A special hero rose up and defeated the evil, locking it away. Soon, the 2D kingdom fell to the wayside as 3D gained in popularity. The king of Dotnia then magically made the landscape pop up and the world of 3D Dot Game Heroes was born. Of course, the evil creature that was locked away comes back and a new hero must save the kingdom again. It’s a simple story every gamer as heard before, but who doesn’t want to take up the mantle of “hero” and save the world? Especially when that world is like a love letter to classic gaming.

Game play
One of the things that makes 3D Dot Game Heroes stand part from the Legend of Zelda is the ability to create your own hero. Block by block, players can create just about any creature from dragons, ninjas, and skeletons. If creating a character from nothing sounds like a chore, there are pages of already made heroes available. There are also three character classes to pick from: Hero, Royal, and Scholar. Each gives you a different combination of health and magic experience.

Your character is equipped with a sword that grows to a ridiculous size when all your apples (instead of hearts) are full. Upgrades and other swords are available. Some swords can be purchased, others are found through the land. Besides the sword, there are other items to obtain like bombs, bow and arrows, glass jars, and the boomerang. The sword and items work well, but I noticed with the sword, there were times I found myself completely turned around in the wrong direction. Perhaps this is a glitch, but it was sort of frustrating to take a swing with the sword only to hit the wall instead of the enemy. Another small problem was with the wire rod. If the shot wasn’t was lined up perfectly, the hook would miss. In certain circumstances, like trying to escape enemies, making that perfect shot was difficult.

The world of 3D Dot Game Heroes is split into the overworld and dungeons. The overworld is a vibrant and varied with water, deserts, forests, and mountains. Each of these places are made up of tiny blocks. When you bomb the side of a hill, blocks scatter everywhere. It’s a nice effect and really makes you feel the Dot world is a place of its own. There is plenty of opportunity to explore all the different regions and towns. The towns especially are full of colorful jabs at retro games and the gaming industry. The dungeons are very easy in the beginning, but quickly become almost mind numbing frustrating. All the dungeons have a similar look and get more confusing as the game progresses. There is much back tracking in the dungeons, more then I think I have encountered in any other video game. Still, the dungeons pay homage to Zelda, with their strikingly similar puzzles and enemies.

Replay value
With everything to explore and discover, there’s replay value in the game. Players don’t need to learn every secret in order to finish and it’s fun to have a second play through to see what was missed. There is also an alternative ending and numerous side quests scattered about. If you want to get lost in exploration, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a great game.

Dot Heroes is an excellent game for kids and adults alike. Experienced gamers will enjoy the challenging dungeons. Younger ones will love the colorful, fun graphics and the non-linear game play. While it may not be a perfect title, it is an interesting twist on all those early 8bit RPGs and definitely worth checking out.

Mike or Kobe? NBA 2K11 Settles the Score

Michael Jordan has not played professional basketball for eight years, and is considered to be the greatest player of all time. How would his airness measure up to current NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James? My favorite video game of 2011 is NBA 2K11 because you can play as Michael Jordan and see how he compares to current professional players, or re-enact his greatest basketball moments. NBA 2K11 is the best basketball simulator that I have ever played, and a must have for any gamer that is a basketball fan. The graphics are amazing, the players, and arenas look authentic. The sound is incredible, it’s like you are watching a game on television. The player movements are detailed and accurate because each player moves like their real life counter-part.
An exciting new feature is ” The Jordan Challenge,” where players can control Michael Jordan in some of his biggest moments. The first puts you in game one of the 1991 NBA Finals against Earvin “Magic” Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. You then have to win the series, while meeting scoring and field goal percentage requirements, to win that particular challenge. There are nine more challenges like this one, and what’s cool is the announcers have special commentary for each game. Each challenge has its own set of objectives the player must complete. After all of the challenges have been completed Michael Jordan can be drafted to any current NBA team.

Another appealing feature is the “My Player,” mode where you can create an NBA superstar. Your player starts as a rookie at NBA pre-draft camp and game play determines where the player is drafted. You earn points to improve your created player by completing challenges given to you pre-game. As your player improves you begin to deal with the media in post-game press conferences and manage your endorsements. The game does a fantastic job of simulating the life of an NBA player. Users can take their created player online to compete with others in pick-up games. The online play is smooth and reliable.

I highly recommend picking up NBA2K11 if you are a fan of NBA basketball. Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer this game has excellent playability. The controls are simple to understand. An individual could jump right in and play, even if they had no experience playing the 2K series. This years version was the best I have seen so far, and I can’t wait for 2012.